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Mike is a creative leader, able to guide a team to create a marketing effort that gets attention. One of Mike's most valuable services is the development and shaping of a business concept. Mike helps people name and clarify their business. Through metaphors he crafts their story to conveys value immediately.

Ironic for a guy who rarely wears hats, Mike Kunze has worn a lot of "hats" throughout his career. On his own, he is a solo advertising agency. He is a prolific digital marketer and publisher of books. He does web development and video maker. He enjoys returning to his roots as illustrator and graphic designer.

Mike Kunze teaches the Adobe Suite of tools to beginners and pros who want to improve. He has been using the tools for twenty years. Don't claim, "yeah, I know Photoshop." We must always look for ways to grow. Check out the courses page to learn more.


I'm in the middle of rebooting my website. There are always details that might hold me back from publishing. Operating with the philospohy that "done is better than perfect," I launched. I'll share my email here, until I get my contact page up... mike@mikekunze.com.

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Do you lead people in your work or other areas of your life? Inspiring your people into self-sustaining growth and action can be challenging for many aspiring leaders. Mike has a fun coaching program in development that will help leaders boost team interaction and encourage personal development within...
>> Coming in early 2019!

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Some ideas, especially new ones are a little blurry. As you look harder, you find the details are still fuzzy at the edges. Clearly defined limitations, not just goals, can be the best way to take that big step toward "done".
>> Are Constraints Our Friends?

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Book self-publishing has taken over. Many publishing companies have folded. Gone are the rejections of your query letters and manuscripts. The new gatekeeper, isn't really new, but it is the actual end customer. The noise of competition has always been present.

With low or even no cost of entry and print-on-demand, it is in our interest to produce the best content as fast as we can! Help is available.
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